Client Feedback That Endorse Our Capabilities

Billy Alvaro

Owner, MaxReturns LLC, USA

“This was and is a BIG project to take on… I have worked with and outsourced Numerous projects… Some went well- some went ok and others simply did not deliver. Webkola as the team leader- to be charged with running this project and taking full responsibility – your ability to take my vision from my head and communicate it as you have to your team is a talent many do not have. Kudos to you. You are running an excellent group.”

Robert Foster

Owner, CycleNomad, USA

“Webkola, your suggestions with product vs. market are well taken. The “most valuable” methods you suggest are those that we will use… Great work and thank you!”

Michael Thiemann

Training Manager, Rainforest Alliance, USA

“You deserve a very hearty handshake Webkola. Well done and thank you a hundred times!”

Stacy Hilling

Project Manager, DoHardMoney, Utah, USA

“Webkola, you and your team are brilliant and I think you will help make this year incredible!”

Alina Hermann

Owner, PropertyUp.com, USA

“Webkola is a great strategist and can deal with a lot of complex things (did web strategy for real estate business).”

Francois Labrecque

President, DiVision Communications, Canada

“Webkola did a great job in structuring and supervising website realisation. He knows his stuff and I would not hesitate to recommend him for online marketing.”

Terry Sweeney

Owner, BlackWolfDesign LLC, Canada

“Webkola Team is a good listener, good communicator, a good leader of his staff. He’s very thorough in his work and communication.”

Octavio Calderon

Business Consultant, Stainless Ride LLC, USA

“I really appreciate your involvement in getting this sorted out. This is part of our lifeline.”

Kashif Raza

Owner, 3Linx Technologies, USA

“Webkola – Zabardast!!!! (means AWESOME) is all I can say.”

Tony Kirkland

Owner, SA Coaching, South Africa

“Webkola is a great strategic thinker, understands business processes and is able to do market analysis.”

Rhys Wyn Trenhaile

Owner, Trenhaile Real Estate, Canda

“Wasif, I have been hammering through the optimization of the Youtube videos, only to concede I’m not doing as good a job as I know you guys do, not even close.”

Ryan Wright

Owner, The Right Team REal Estate, USA

“I wanted to say Thank you for all of your Hard Work over this year. I am going to give a bonus as a way to say thanks for all of your hard work. So you will see Webkola is getting the largest bonus! Webkola, Thank you for working with me for so many years and wish you the best!”

Sairey Gernes

Founder & President, UrbanUndercover, USA

“You and your team were fantastic to work with for our Kickstarter campaign. I highly recommend them. Very professional and easy to work with. They want you to succeed and do their best to make that happen. Well worth it!”

Kim Jensen

“I have used Webkola team before my Kickstarter campaign. I was very much positive surprised about the personal and very positive attitude from them, and would very much like to recommend them to others.”

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