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Marketing an IT product (mobile or web app) is very different from marketing a business through its website or social media. An IT product marketing project requires having an in depth understanding of technology systems, business models and marketing. At Webkola, we have acquired the experience, skills and tools required for providing you with market reach, conversion, optimization and positioning your product can potentially achieve. Our expertise enable you to explore and convert the opportunities you might not have considered. Let’s asses your project and provide you with a roadmap that is realistically profitable. If our marketing experts find any glitch with your product or marketing, we will tell you straight to fix it right away. This approach empowers us to help you the best way and it enables you to take the bull by the horn. Rest assured, our digital marketing teams consisting of social media, seo and advertisement experts, promote your IT product to the right audience with effective marketing messages.


Product Marketing Process

Strategy & Planning

Marketing strategy and campaign planning provides the foundation for and set the trajectory of any marketing project. We assess your marketing status and build/rebuild competitive strategies and realistic marketing plans to provide you with results and improve your marketing effectiveness to the max.

Campaign Setup & Launch

Be it Social Media, SEO, Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, we design and setup your marketing campaigns in accordance with your marketing strategy to ensure alignment. As soon as a campaign is setup, we first test it for further optimization and then it goes to full throttle to provide you with results.

Marketing Management

Managing a marketing project is crucial. It provides various insights and perspectives that must be analyzed for decision making. Making informed decisions enables a product to exploit its full potential. Our strategists assist you and your project teams to beat competition, and grow your business.

Technology Platforms

We partner with some of the best technology platforms to deliver excellence.

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