Web Content Moderation Services

Webkola offers web content moderation services to make sure your web product’s (social media, ecommerce, industry portal or blogs/Ads site) content quality is as high as per international standards or as per your policy guidelines. User-generated contents need contentious monitoring and prompt action (on reported or submitted items, based on your approval process) to save your product/brand image from vulgar and crude UGC (user generated contents). We have got the experience and expertise required for managing your content moderation process for your web/app product, because we have done it earlier and we can do that for you again. Web content moderation being a critical business process for many IT-products, is very close to our strategic focus and passion. We want to see our client products making sucess and we contribute to that goal with end-to-end solutions including 24/7 content moderation.

Content Moderation Expertise

Pre Moderation

Pre moderation is more control and less vibrancy. Company that use pre moderation for children or marketplace sites has high sensitivity for its brand reputation. Our moderators understand that and follow policy guidelines accordingly.

Reactive Moderation

Most of the social sites use responsive moderation to let the users see everything until it is reported for moderation. This requires a combination of user reports and moderation to ensure brand reputation. Our moderators can do that well.

Supervisor Moderation

Supervisor moderation is used for forum moderation usually. You assign a group of users with moderation role and they moderate forum posts. We can setup a content moderation team to assist your supervisor moderators.

Post Moderation

Post moderation is fast but it needs prompt action. Industry blogs and B2B portals use this type of moderation to ensure immediate responses. However, moderators approve, edit or remove all posts after they go live. We can do that for you.

User Moderation

User moderation is best for wiki sites like Wikipedia, where users can edit/remove contents added by other users. But still a team of moderators is required for moderating flagged or abusive content. Our content moderators assist you here.

Automated Moderation

We use software tools to help automate your content moderation to support your moderation team. These tools can perform some tasks automatically which increase your moderation team’s efficiency and productivity.

Companies Served

We are proud to work with the SMEs and corporates we have served

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