Agile Project Management

Webkola follows Agile Project Management’s (APM) best practices to deliver client projects on time, with 100% success. Our APM best practices stem from our decade+ experience in Agile Software Development. Our unique approach empowers us to deliver you the core features/system of your software in the minimal time to let you see your vision in the material form sooner rather than later. Delivering you the core system first enables you to review your plans, improvise where needed, and to build a competitive-edge over your competitors. This is of great value for sure as it enables you to maximize your ROI. We build the supporting features of your product around the core features moving along. Thus giving you the flexibility to decide and act according to your target audience of your product. This is a great but a more sophisticated approach but we have done this several times and we can do this for you as well.

Agile/Scrum Software Development Process Expertise

We have built our expertise in Agile/Scrum Software Development Process to deliver both less and more complex client projects with equal capability. Whether you need a business website or you are looking to implement an enterprise solution to automate your global business, our software development expertise stand with you side by side until the successful delivery of your project goals. Following is a depiction of how Agile Software Development works.

Typically, APM is based on two backlogs/documents namely Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog. You and your assigned project manager own the Product Backlog where you both can add/remove and prioritize your product features you wish to have in your finished product. Our Scrum Master and our development team own the Sprint Backlog, which is a subset of your Product Backlog, where they log the technicalities and the progress made for your assigned product features. Our Scrum Masters and their teams work daily and report fortnightly to ensure both dedication and alignment on our part. However, you have access to your assigned project manager, all the time, to discuss and improve product concept/features and document them into your Product Backlog, or you can ask for your project progress anytime and s/he will get you the status right away. We make sure that we deliver your software product the best way possible.

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